Monday, August 10, 2009

Time flies so fast...

I was the myspace queen, or so everyone called me. I would upload tons and tons of photos and even more so when Gabriel was born. I had a Facebook account but would never use it because I was oh-so-faithful to myspace. Well, when half of my friends ditched Myspace for facebook, I started using it just to keep in touch. Turns out, I am on FB more now so I figured I should move some of my pictures. Not only do I have to put the pictures on FB, but I have to move them from one computer to another  which is taking forever since my sister wont get off of the one I have all my pictures on. Ok, but that's not part of my story, I have a tendency to ramble off.

Today I was uploading my pregnancy pictures and I really relized that some of the pictures are from exactly a year ago or so. A year ago I was waddling around with my huge 'ol belly, unable to see my toes. It was still one of the happiest times in my life. Knowing that you are growing another human inside of you is amazing, every kick, hiccup or kung-fu jab to your bladder is so amazing. I honestly can't describe the joy I feel when I think back to those moments. I miss them so much. I feel like I enjoyed my pregnancy so much, even the painful times when he would dig his foot into my ribcage or when I would get horrible heartburn towards the end. I loves to just sit and admire my growing belly. I would walk, well, waddle, around showing off my belly like a huge trophy and enjoyed when people would compliment me. I can honestly say that I didn't mind being "fat" because I felt beautiful. Looking back, I realize that I felt very secure in myself during my pregnancy, something that I had never been before. 
I love looking back at those pictures and seeing how huge I was, how it looked like I had a huge beach ball under my shirt and how I loved the fabric of my shirts and dresses clinging to my body and showing off my curves. 
It is ridiculous to think that there are woman who feel ugly durring they're pregnancy, or who complain about being fat. True, there are some negatives to pregnancy, shaving your legs is impossible, let alone personal grooming, and your feet swell up, you get stretch marks and your body leaks fluids that you cant control but it's such a beautiful time that you should enjoy. I feel envious of pregnant women now and feel like punching those that bitch and moan about how big they are and cant wait to go back to their old body. Yeah, I don't like my body now, but I loved it back then. Im glad I actually listened to my cousin's advice when she told me to enjoy every minute of it. I do wish I had more pictures of me throughout my pregnancy, a week by week shot or even professional maternity shots but that only tells me that next time I am pregnant I will embrace it even more. 

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