Tuesday, March 23, 2010

what a disgrace!

I have abandoned my blogging for about 4 months. I had always said that I would keep blogging every day, at least on the dear daddy blog, but I fell off the wagon and never got back on!
Life has been completely busy and hectic! My husband came home in mid February, a month earlier than we expected, and we had to find a place to move to for when he would come in. So I had about a week and a half to find a place, sign the papers and move. Those 2 weeks were so stressful! I was such a mess! I was happy he was coming home but I still wished I had more time to prepare for a perfect homecoming and our place to look perfect. We had the essential items, a place to eat and more importantly, we would finally be together as a family, so that's all that matters.

It feels great to be on our own, we moved to a little 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment that I love. It's not to far from our families or either one of our work. We have a park basically in our backyard, a pool, a fitness center and a few other cool amenities. While it's not a huge place, its our home, and I share it with the two people I love the most.

Gabriel has his own room and it's great! He loves his little room and his walk in closet which is basically his "toy room". He sits in his recliner and reads books, looks out the window and runs around making a huge mess. He finally sleeps through the night too! We don't have much, but it's great to know that everything we have in our home is because of us. We also bought a car! It's a white 2004 Dodge Durango and I honestly looooove it.

Hubby took 2 weeks off and I took a week off and spent quality time together as a family. We went to Monterey Bay last Wednesday and had a blast. It was a great little getaway.

I want to write a conclusion to the Dear Daddy Blog but I keep putting it off....Husband has been home for over a month and I have yet to post the blog! Ooops!