Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the Night before Christmas (Eve)

And NOTHING is done. Ok, I'm overreacting I know. We always have a Christmas Eve dinner, this year yours trully is hosting at my tiny little apartment home. My menu is pretty much done but I have no food prepped and I feel like complete poop for having to rush tomorrow. Thankfully, it will be a late dinner but still. I'm stressing so much I've cried. I went to Target today to pick up some things I need and forgot some things, and then they were out of other things. I really didn't want to wait till last minute but my dear Husband was being a pain in the butt and wanted to leave. I don't drive, lame, I know, so I kinda had to just suck it up. When we got home I figured I could do the baking but I had no Orange Extract for something I was going to make. THAT was the boiling point, orange extract. Instead of that darn husband of mine saying "Ok, hunny, no prob, I'll go get the stuff you need" he was sitting watching the Giants world series game for the 839897238974897867486747828333111th billionth time. I wanted to punch him. Honestly, I know I just need to chill but I get very stressed in a matter of seconds.
Christmas honestly just came and bit me in the butt, no joke, I did NOTHING. No Christmas cards, my shopping barely got done, stocking stuffers aren't done, my house is a mess, I haven't even showered (ew, gross) and I don't know what to do with myself. Then I remind myself that it's Christmastime, I need to just enjoy and just when my anxiety subsides a little, I realize that I have NO time to relax! So here's to a long night (and day!) ahead of me.
Merry Christmas ya'll, even though I'm feeling like Scrooge right now.