Thursday, February 9, 2012

This baby sweeps me off my feet...

Literally. Today I had an awful dizzy spell at work. Man! I had never felt that bad in my life! Or at least not while pregnant! My co-worker and I had a line to the door and I was standing at the cash register when I started to feel dizzy and started seeing white spots. My co-worker noticed and asked me if I was ok, I heard her and she sounded so far away and I couldn't even see her because I was about to black out. She walked me to the back and had me sit while she checked my pulse and shoved a cheese danish in my face along with a glass of water. It was the worst feeling ever! I had the dizzy stuff happening with Gabe but not as badly as it was today. It honestly freaked me out. A lot. I thought about my son, and the baby and my husband, and my mom...I know, you guys are probably thinking "Ok Melissa, calm down, it's not like you were dying" but in that moment, I panicked, which probably didn't help one bit. All I hope is that it never happens again, especially not at work. Ugh, I'm ready to skip to the fun parts of pregnancy, you know, when you're a huge beached whale, can't put your own shoes on and are getting kung-fu kicks to the ribs.,I definitely prefer that misery to this one!

And yes, I know I am lagging with the weekly belly posts, I fail!