Monday, August 31, 2009

It's starting to hit me...

In exactly three weeks from today my baby boy turns one. Oh how time has flied. Last year around this time I was waddling around with a big beach ball of a belly wanting him to be born already. How I miss those days...
And he's such a big boy now. I find myself looking at him and thinking about how much better my life is now that he is in it. I am so blessed to have him as my son, I cant imagine a better baby than him.  When I look at him and realize how fast this time has passed I start thinking about how fast this year went I realize how soon he's going to be growing into a school-aged kid, a teenager, a grown man. It makes me so sad. I think back to my mom and my husband's mom and think that they must have felt the same prior to mine and the husband's first birthday and what they must be feeling now to see their grandson about to turn one. Im sure that one day I will be doing just that, thinking back to the days when Gabriel was a baby right before my own grandson's first birthday.
Im rambling and probably not making any sense but I guess what I've been thinking about is the fact that time happens. It doesn't stay still and you can't control it, you can't stop it so you have to live in the moment and be thankful for what you have. It's not that I dont live by that motto anyway, but now that I have Gabriel I don't worry about the little thing as much as I used to. So in these last three weeks of him being a baby I'm going to savor every moment, kiss him as much as I can, hug him very tight, snap as many pictures as I can, because before I know it, he'll hit the big 1!

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