Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm so tired...

I'm tired of my living situation. I love my Mom to death but honestly I can't wait to move out of here. I can't wait for my husband to come home so I can have my own place. I'm tired of getting crap because my room isn't clean. Hello? It is my room. And Gabriel is my son and I know when to give my son a bath, I know when to do his laundry, and feed him dinner. I know what I want to do with him and if I don't ask for help it's because I don't need it. I'm tired of her constant mood swings that are driving me insane. Instead of her supporting me emotionally she whines and complains about everything. If I could, I would move out now. If I could I wouldn't count on her to watch Gabriel every day. But that's just not possible right now. If it were I wouldn't be here venting away...


  1. Deployments are NO fun. It takes a strong wife/mom to survive them! Hang in there!!! Does your hubby have an exact date of his return?
    Can you believe our little ones are almost ONE!

  2. Well, I will tell you this. I lived in between my mom and Ola's(Myles' dad) mom house for the first 3 months of Myles life, and I thought the same thing. Man I can't wait till I get out of this house(both houses). I hated going back and forth, and it seemed that neither mom(his nor mine) thought I was doing a good job with Myles. I thought all of that would change, but now that Im out of their houses, they still complain about something Im doing. Just the other day my mom said, you need to bring my grandson over here, so I can teach him how to walk, because this is ridiculous that an 11 month old boy is not walking. Hmm. Children do things at different rates, and paces. But of course she assumed that it was something I was doing wrong. So...I said all that to say. I know your pain, and it MAY let up a bit after you move out, but not much. My mom says a mom can't help but be a mom, to other moms. Hmm.

  3. Pam: while I love my mom and she does try to not intervene she still does...She's a great mom, I can't deny her that but some days she just has her days and it drives me insane. Im sorry your mom thinks you are doing something wrong for Myles not walking....Maybe she should teach Gabriel too because he isnt walking either lol

    Amber: No, it's a toss up bettween somewhere in May or early June. I know! This year passed way too quick! We're going to have toddlers soon!