Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just keep swimming...or not.

Today my friend Adrienne brought her son Brandon over so he and Gabriel could have a play date. We had planned to put them in the baby pool since the weather was nice. Well, the water was cold so I had to put warm water in there. That was such a hassle! I felt like I kept putting water in but it wasnt filling! I eventually was able to get the water to a temperature I thought was good enough so we put the kiddos in and...they both BAWLED! It was so out of character for them. We didnt know if it was the water not being warm enough or if it was just because they wanted to nap and have lunch. So the whole filling up the pool was pointless since they were literally in the pool for five minutes. After drying the boys off and changing them, they drank their milk and Gabriel passed out for his nap (a nice, long two hour nap) and Adrienne went to pick up food and frozen yogurt for us to have lunch. 

Too bad the kids didn't want to swim, they looked so adorable in their swim trunks and we were really looking forward to getting some cute pictures of them splashing around. I'd say that we should try it again some time but I really do not want to fill up that darn pool with warm water again.

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