Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 3 of CIO

So tonight was our third night of CIO and it was not better than yesterday. He cried for about fourty five minutes and then he stopped but was still standing and not moving. Turns out he fell asleep standing up! I wish I had gotten a picture of it but he woke up when I left the room to go get it I suppose because when I snapped the picture his eyes opened.He is such a silly kid. Ten minutes or so more of crying, and I went over to pat his back and he fell asleep with like the sixth pat. I hope it starts getting easier. Whenever he sees that I am carrying him towards the crib he cries and I feel so bad for making him hate the crib and making it seem like a "bad" place. I know it's for his own good, I honestly don't mind him sleeping with me but I don't want to have a four year old sleeping in my bed. 

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  1. LOL thats the same thing I always told Scott. "I dont want a 4 year old sleeping in our bed!" Its so hard to do CIO. Even with Alex being 2 I hate doing it. Im gonna have to again b/c he has gotten bad again. I think Gabriel will get the hang of it soon though. He has done much much better than Alex ever did. It took him almost 2 weeks to get it and that was 2 weeks of screaming for at least 2 hours :( I guess my child is just stubborn?

    Hang in there you are doing great! Just keep reminding yourself if you give in now the last 3 nights will be for nothing :)