Sunday, September 6, 2009

Inconsiderate people

I understand that people want their coffee, and I don't blame them for that, after all caffeine is a drug and therefore,as a barista,  I am a legal drug dealer. What really makes my blood boil is how inconsiderate some people can be! Today we had this one guy, a real estate agent I suppose, show up with two homebuyers to go over paper work. I had mopped the floors and the chairs were on the table so the floors could dry. Well the guy asked us if they could sit down, ok, that's fine, we still have twenty minutes til closing time. My co-worker and I were going about our closing duties just fine, and at seven thirty we announce that it's closing time. They guy says "oh but can you give us five minutes? We are almost done." 
I know one of Starbucks motto's or whatever is to be welcoming, well, how on earth can I be welcoming when I've been at work for eight hours and just want to get the hell out of there? Ok, breathe, five minutes isn't that bad. Fifteen minutes pass and they are still there. Really? You think I don't have a home and family to go to? Really? Are you that selfish? WHAT are you going to give to US for sealing the deal on the house? How inconsiderate are you that you don't understand that we want to go home too. Just because Starbucks makes us plaster a smile on our face and be "welcoming" doesn't mean that we aren't cursing your name and wanting to kick you in the face for not leaving. We are tired, we smell, we just want to go home. We could've gone home earlier but they didn't leave until we kicked them out for the third time, 25 minutes after they originally said they would leave. 
Just some common courtesy people, always check what time places close before you walk in somewhere, especially when it looks like the place is about to close. We may act like synchronized robots in green aprons but we have a life too!  

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  1. Preach It!!! Rude people are just RUDE!
    Hope you have a better day on your next shift