Thursday, September 10, 2009

Almost there...

I looked at the calendar and realized how close it is to my son's first birthday, eleven days from today he will be 1 year old. Time sure has flown by this year. Gabriel's godfather had his baby girl yesterday and it really made me think of when Gabriel was born. I still remember how happy I was  to see him for the first time and how I had never experienced "love at first sight" until I laid eyes on my baby boy. I was remembering the car ride to the hospital and how we saw a ton of Volkswagen Beetles on the way there, and since the husband and I always punch each other when we see them, thinking how if he dared to even mention the bug I would slam his head against the window. I remember everyone telling me that my contractions were really strong and very close together and that he would be born before the end of the day but I wasn't dilating and didn't have him until the next day. Although it was painful, the pain seemed to dissipate as soon as I saw him. Now, to see him crawling around, attempting to walk, being a goofball and just acting more like the toddler he is becoming, is amazing. God could not have blessed  me with a better son than Gabriel. He is my whole life now and it makes me so sad to realize that he's no longer a baby. We're almost at the toddler years!

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