Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Birthday Party! (a few days late!)

So better late than never right? Here is the scoop on Gabriel's birthday party that we had on Sunday. The day started off very early for Gabriel. I guess he was excited for his party too because he woke up at 3ish. Yes, THREE AM! I tried getting him to sleep longer and he would cat nap and play in his crib. By 7 I got up and showered and headed to the park to set it up. I was very content with the result! I loved my centerpieces and my decorations and was so excited for Gabriel to see Mickey Mouse everywhere.
After setting up the party area, my Father-in-law stayed at the park while I went home and got ready and got Gabriel ready. I had bought him a shirt on Etsy and I also bought him some personalized Mickey Ears 
which he surprisingly left on for most of the party.
I didn't get as many pictures as I would've liked but I did get some cute ones of Gabriel and I. Oh how I wished that my husband was with us!
Gabriel and his best friend Brandon had lots of fun!
It was finally time to break the piñata. He wasn't too thrilled that people were hitting his Mickey with a stick. Then again, I he was pretty tired so his cranky side was emerging!
After the piñata, I handed out the goody bags but I forgot to take a picture of them. I will take a picture of Gabriel's so you can see what they had inside. For the kids 5 and under I got some blue gift bags and personalized each one and put a sticker on them too. Inside there was a Mickey cup, coloring book, crayons, Mickey gummies, candies and other stuff like that. Everyone loved the cups! And I loved giving the kids something other than just candy. They were so happy and I got lots of good reviews on the bags from all the munchkins!
Finally it was cake time! Here is the picture of the cake, it's not like the one I had originally wanted whe the party planning started but I was not about to pay close to $600 for a cake just because it had fondant. I had bought him a smash cake but he was getting fussy so I didn't think he would care much for it so I saved it for his real birthday on Monday.
Here is a picture of Gabriel with his Cake Top Hat that Daddy sent him. He didn't really want to keep it on since the hat was too big and heavy for him but at least I got a cute picture of him wearing it!He did end up wanting cake when he saw me eating some so I gave him a slice and he went to town on it! He was such a happy boy and he looked adorable smooshing cake between his fingers. Here he is giving people the evil eye when they wanted to take his cake! Everyone that has seen this picture say that the look he's giving looks just like my evil eye, very protective of my cake! LOL!
Next we opened presents. He was getting really fussy and he didn't really want to open them so I helped. He got tons of cool toys including the rocking horse he wanted from when we went to Costco!!! Among the gifts he got a talking dump truck, a wagon from me, and tons of other toys too. Brandon and Adrienne got him a dumbo, a ball and a FOURTY NINERS JERSEY! Tia Ely got him some really cool FOURTY NINER LIGHT UP SNEAKERS! He also got a Captain Hook halloween costume from Grandpa. Grandma Adela got him a tricycle! Here is a picture with the Toy you Daddy got him, it was a Mickey Train set.
Overall, the party went great. I was way too stressed and there were some kids that ruined some of my centerpieces so that just pissed me off. Seriously, these kids were acting like wild animals and their Mom was just sitting on her ass watching them. Apparantely they took juice boxes and kept squirting them at eachother, they took the lollypops off like 4 centerpieces and would just end up throwing them out. I was so pissed. And that lady showed up with a kid that I had not invited and she got mad when I didn't have a goody bag for him, sorry lady, it's called RSVPing! Otherwise, I guess it was good. I knew I was bound to get sentimental so when I burst into tears right before cutting the cake I knew that was expected since I really wished my husband was home. Thankfully, Adrienne was there to make me feel better.
It was a good party, nice to have some people that trully care about our family around us. And while I spent way too much money on his party and some things didn't go the way I had planned, the only way it could've been better would have been to have my husband home. Otherwise, it was great!

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