Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Today's Doctors visit

All of yesterday Gabriel was not his usual happy self which is really odd but I simply attributed it to teething. Well, around two a.m. he wakes up to eat but is crying and whining a lot. When I pick him up from his crib he feels really warm to me. The window in the room was open just a little and he wasnt dressed in hot pjs. Im thinking he has a fever. His face is really hot, so is his breath but his arms have little goose bumps. I take his temperature and he has a fever so I give him some tylenol. I feed him and he eats a little then tries to get up and crawl around the bed and starts whining. Finally he falls asleep for a little but right around three thirty he wakes up again whining and crying and he is still pretty hot. I have to get up anyway to get ready for work so I take him to the living room with me so he can cool down a little. Poor kid is tugging and tugging and his ear so I'm thinking "oh no, he has an ear infection" My mom gets up and holds him, we give him pedialyte and pop in his baby einstein lullaby time dvd and he starts falling asleep when I go to work. We called later on and made an appointment with his pediatrician for after I get off work.
When we're in the waiting room he seems happy and fine, you can tell in his eyes that he doesnt feel great but he's trying to play with the toys and laughing at the other kids and I'm thinking, "ok, this was a waste of time but I guess it wont hurt for the doctor to take a look at him". When the doctor comes in and we tell him what is going on he checks his ear out and gasps. He says there is alot of earwax in there so he asks me to lay him on the examining table and he pulls out something to clean his ear and Gabriel is in hysterics crying while fat tears are rolling down his cheeks. Finally he pulls out this HUGE and I do mean HUGE wad of earwax that looks like a shirveled up umbillical cord. The earwax was stuck in his ear and attatching itself onto the skin so there was even some blood. It was disgusting and I started to cry. I guess that's what was causing some pain in his ear. He said that when it would get wet the wax would get soft and mushy and as it dried it expanded and would hurt him. Poor kiddo loves our Pedi and after that he didnt even want to look at him! Im so glad we have him though! And Gabriel seems to be doing alot better now. Still, it was so scary. And gross.

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  1. Aww isn't it hard when they are hurting or sick? :( Im glad you took him though and got it figured out. Alex had that happen to him too and i was so disgusted. But there isn't really anything you can do you can't get into their ear canal to clean. Poor little baby! Im glad he is okay though :)