Friday, July 24, 2009

Busy Night and Day

Although Gabriel still does not sleep through the night he usually goes like 4-6 hour streches before waking up and eating. Well, these past few days he has been waking up more and more and refusing to go to sleep. He normally wakes and eats then is out like a light bulb and sometimes as long as you give him his pacifier he just goes straight to sleep. These last few nights have been exhausting because he just refuses to go back to sleep! He spits the paci out and whines and cries, screams even. I try to feed him and he just bites. Sometimes I will slather on some orajel and stick the paci back in and he's fine. And as soon as he comes into bed with me he rolls over and just takes up the whole bed! Seriously, I should just leave him the bed. I do admit I miss him kicking me when I was pregnant, it was cute back then, but him kicking me now because he's a crazy sleeper? Yeah, not so cute. Last night he went down around eight thirty and slept till around one thirty and then woke up and didnt want to sleep after that. He was sitting up and taking and trying to play and squeal. I tried to make him lie down and he started crying and screaming! Whatever happened to my good boy? I seriously hope it's all a phase that he's going through or that it's just because he was sick. I need my sleep! And a bigger bed. This kid takes up the whole bed and is the craziest sleeper on the face of the earth!

The good thing is he let me sleep in til eight fourty five and he woke up in a good mood. After breakfast my sister watched Gabriel while my friend Adrienne and I had a mommy day to get pedicures and lunch without the boys. It was great! A little pampering never hurts anyone! And my feet look decent now!

On Sunday we're going down to Monterrey Bay to visit the aquarium and just relax for a few days. We're staying at a very nice hotel and this is our first little "trip" with Gabriel. I've been planning like crazy and had to run around all over the place like a chicken with my head cut off to buy some things we needed. I still havent finished packing and I feel like I'm going overboard with things I'm bringing but I have never been known as someone who travels light! I would rather be safe than sorry. So on our little three day trip I'm brining a ridiculous amount of diapers and butt wipes among other things that I probably wont even need.

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