Sunday, July 19, 2009

Decisions, decisions.

So after about nine months of thinking of where to get my future tattoo I decided on the back of my neck! I've been wanting one for a few years now but I wanted something that would not clash horribly with a wedding dress, yes, we still are having a religious ceremony and I would like to look really nice. I really want my first tattoo to not just be some stupid "because I like it" tattoo, so I am getting "vita mea, universum meum" which is "my life, my [whole] world" in latin and Gabriel's birthdate in roman numerals. I'm still considering if I should get his name as well or if that would just be overkill. I figure I can also add my future childrens birthdates later on when the time comes. Here is a rough concept of what I will get.

I'm excited. Don't know when it will get done but hopefully soon!

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