Saturday, July 25, 2009

Just Lovely...

I was hoping that today I would have a better update about Gabriel's ears but that was a no-go. Yesteday he woke up with this weird rash on his ear, and it just looked like a heat rash but I figured I'd rather be safe than sorry and would have it looked at by the pediatrician today if it wasn't gone. Yes, I'm one of those over-reactive moms that rush to the doctors when he does something that is weird or has some weird new symptom. In my defense, 85% of the time that I have taken him in for something it actually turns out to be something of importance!
Where was I? Oh yes, the wierd rash. Turns out it started spreading so I told my mom to take him into the pediatrician since I was at work. The pediatrician said he didnt know what exactly the rash was since we had not fed him anything new that could've caused an allergic reaction nor have we been using a diffrent product on his skin or his laundry. He did however check his ear and turns out he has an ear infection. His first ear infection. Quite lovely, if you ask me. He had never had an ear infection and now, the day before we are leaving on our little vacation, the darn ear gets infected! Honestly, the other day that we took him in the doctor didnt want to prescibe antibiotics just because when he took the wax the ear got really red from all his crying and he doesnt belive in antibiotics unless absolutely nessasary. So who knows how long this darn infection has been going on. Which in turn makes me feel like an awesome mother. Really, what mom doesn't notice something is wrong? Ok, I'm sure more often than not there are moms in the same boat as I am in now but I just feel like whining and beating myself with a stick for this one. Where the heck was that mommy intution that everyone talks about? Poor kid. He has always tugged at his ear when he's falling asleep or he's sleepy so how was I to know? True, he did have a fever but he had also been gnawing on his fists like crazy and chewing on just about anything he could get his hot little hands and I just figured it was related to teething. Now I know that there was an underlying cause for the "teething" symptoms.

All in all, he's doing better. He is taking his medication and he has to get ear drops three times a day in each ear, which believe me, is no easy task. I'm hoping that he starts feeling better and actually sleeps tonight, God knows I need to rest!

So I'm not going to be able to post in a few days since we'll be down Monterrey until Tuesday but when I get back I'm sure I will have tons of stories to tell! I'm excited! Wish us luck!

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