Tuesday, July 30, 2013

There's a first for everything

Well it happened. My first injury. I'm not sure what exactly happened but a few days ago my ankle kind of started hurting. It felt like a bruise or something but nothing serious. I took a few days off running mostly because I was pretty busy this whole weekend but I figured I would be ok. On Monday I laced up my running shoes and hit the track. I started feeling my ankle with each stride but figured it was just my body getting in the groove. My first two miles are always the hardest because my body is still warming up and so I try not to let it discourage me. Halfway into mile two I took a small walk break and my ankle was pounding, my walk break turned into a hobble and I realized that maybe I needed to stop. My C25K app told me it was time to run and I tried running and felt much better than walking did. I thought 5 miles would probably not happen that night and even if I just did 3 miles I'd be good. I ended up doing 3.11 Miles in 32:40 with a 10'30"/mile average, broke no personal records (not like I was expecting to anyway) and then called it a day.

 After a cool down walk hobble and some stretching I trekked home to ice my throbbing ankle and watch one of my favorite movies, cause Disney fixes everything.

I can't help but feel depressed. It sucks to have to limit doing something that I love doing because I hurt myself. During my run I was so angry with my body. I don't think I have been pushing myself too much, I squeeze in rest days even though I'd rather run, I stretch after my runs so I don't understand why I got hurt. I hate it. I hate that now I have to stop running to let the injury heal and I always get antsy when it gets close to the time that I go run. I know that I must put my stubbornness aside to risk a big injury that could really set back my running so even though I'd rather be running, I am just laying here icing my ankle again and praying for a fast recovery.

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