Thursday, August 1, 2013

Family Adventures in Golden Gate Park

On Monday we had a family date since both of us were off. We wanted to do something outdoorsy and thought about going to Alum Rock in San Jose but apparently it's closed on Mondays. Jesus suggested we go to Golden Gate park and see the bison. He was very insistent on seeing the bison for some reason. We stopped packed a lunch for the boys and stopped by a yummy deli for some sandwiches for us and headed off into San Fransisco. Although we live relatively close to the city, we had never taken the boys to Golden Gate park and the last time that I went I had gone to the Academy of Science at least 7 years ago but I honestly don't know my way around the park. We found a parking structure and decided to park there. Lo and behold the structure was right next to the Academy of Science and when we passed by the entrance Gabriel saw the big dinosaur skeleton and said he wanted to go inside. So we told him that first we would go have lunch and then go back to the museum. We headed off along the trail trying to find a nice place to sit, maybe a playground  or a bench.

We got a little lost.
Eventually we just found a bench somewhere after getting lost and ate our delicious lunch and froze half to death in the windy SF weather. 

Happy kid munching on a rare treat- Doritos!

Little explorer
We found our way back to the California Academy of Science and figured that we could go in there and later go look for the bison. I'm telling you, Jesus was really insisting on the bison! I thought the admission fee wouldn't be too bad, well I was wrong! $34.95 for adults and something like $24.95 for Gabriel. I was expecting it to be pricey but holy moly! However we had already promised Gabe that we would go inside and I was sure he'd have a great time so I bought the tickets and headed inside. They had remodeled the place since I last went, adding in a big rain forest exhibit and an aquarium along with a bunch of other things so it was like I was seeing everything for the first time again which was really cool. 
Gabe & the dinosaur

There were stingrays and sharks swimming under us.
Dory! And more Dory! And more!

Inside the rain forest exhibit

Check out this little dude!

There were butterflies flying all over the place

Poisonous frogs native to Costa Rica rain forests

Gabe thought they were cute and tiny

Check out this fish! I forgot the exact name but it was "monkey faced " something- No joke!

He was in awe with the aquarium


This little guy loved the fishies!

Albino alligator

Orca skeleton

 We had a really great time and saw lots of neat things. I feel like we needed lots more time since we were in there only for around two and a half hours so it did feel a little rushed. There was also a planetarium, living roof and a few other things that we didn't get to experience but who knows, we might go back another day, maybe not so soon but eventually. I totally encourage anyone to take their kids or even go with some friends sans kids.

We ended up leaving the place at 4:50, ten minutes before closing time and decided to head home. And saw no bison. Which means that some other day we shall trek back to Golden Gate Park to look for the bison. Honestly, I'd rather eat a bison burger from The Counter than see some bison roaming in the park but eh, it's something my husband wants to do so we will probably do it.

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