Monday, October 11, 2010

fun times at the pumpkin patch

I love fall. Fall means winter coats, uggs, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin patches. I was looking forward to taking Gabriel to the pumpkin patch since around August. He had so much fun last year and I couldn't wait for my husband to see him. Since this weekend was my birthday, we both had the weekend off and took him to the pumpkin patch on Sunday.
We went to the same one we went last year, in Half Moon Bay and as soon as we got there Gabe was in the whiniest mood! I tried to get him to take pictures but he was so cranky he just wanted to be held. I'm not sure if he was scared of the scarecrows and fake bats and stuff but he was whining like never. Seriously, last year was so much easier. Guess they don't call them "terrible twos" for nothing, huh?

Eventually, he got over his poopie mood and got into the whole pumpkin picking mood. He loved to run around and loved the hay ride and train ride. We tried to get him to feed the goats but he didn't want to. Honestly, I was kinda relieved at that one, petting zoos and icky goat saliva on my kid kinda gross me out. The thought of all the germy-ness all over Gabe's hands *shudders*

We were there for a good two and a half hours or so, the place was packed! Guess that was expected though, since it was a Sunday. We did have a good time though, I'm glad my husband was here this time to see Gabe enjoy it. Since the pumpkins there are pretty pricey we only got Gabe one that he picked out himself. He was so proud of his pumpkin. He was even trying to kiss it!
Seriously, you can get a pretty big pumpkin at Safeway or Trader Joes for the price of the pumpkin we got Gabe at the pumpkin patch. Either way, the fun was for him to pick his pumpkin and have a good time, not to mention to snap a kajillion and a half pictures.

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