Monday, October 5, 2009

4 years

Today marks our fourth year together. It has not been easy, in fact, we've gone through very tough times. Right from the start we knew that it wouldn't be easy, we started dating knowing that he would be getting deployed in a few month yet regardless, we still fell more and more for eachother. When the time came for our goodbyes I promised that I would be here waiting. And I did. It was tough but I knew that he was worth every second, not knowing what would happen when he got home. We kept our faith and our promise to eachother and when he was finally in my arms, I knew that I would wait forever if he needed me to. We fought and bickered about everything and we made up. Numerous tears have been shed and there were times when we wanted to give up. We hit a very rough patch and were at a make it or break it point but we're still here. I'm waiting for him, yet again, and I will be here for him always.  I can honestly say that I can see us getting old together and walking together bickering all wrinkly and toothless. So while these four years are nothing compared to our goal of "forever" they are a huge milestone for us!

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