Tuesday, January 17, 2012

9 week bump & other goodies

I am now 10 weeks 1 day so this is from last week :) Last week we had an ultrasound so that was awesome because we got to see our little gummy bear and Jesus got to see the baby for the first time since he missed the first appointment at 7 weeks. We also ordered a doppler and I think (like 96% positive) I found the baby's heartbeat! That sound just melts my heart, and Gabriel was so excited to hear his baby as well, he even wanted me to try his belly because he's convinced there is also a baby in his belly!
The biggest craving of the week was strawberry sorbet, which I got after our ultrasound and it was the most amazing thing I have ever eaten. Man, just writing about it is making my mouth water. Too bad it's almost 9 and the ice cream place is closed already! Guess I know what I'm having tomorrow though!
I wish I could say that the pregnancy symptoms are leaving me but that is so not the case. I'm super nauseous and sick all day, the sight of the toilet makes me want to gag, I can't even open the fridge without feeling sick. And man, oh man! I've been having crazy dreams! And lets not even start with that awful fatigue. Some days I have no clue how I get through the day, I would love to just hibernate till this trimester is over. I feel awful for complaining, but it just sucks to feel like a completely different person now that I'm pregnant. I don't mind the weight gain, that I can live with, but to not even be able to enjoy a meal, to not be my usual crazy hyper self is killing me! I wasn't this miserable with my last pregnancy so I totally enjoyed every stinkin' minute but this time I just want to get to the fun part. You know, when you're too big to see your toes, get kung-fu kicks to the ribs, know the sex of the baby, have full on heartburn, are teased by those God-awful braxton hicks contractions...I guess a pregnant woman is never 101% happy, there's always those mood-swings and out of whack hormones to thank for that. But this is the best blessing, knowing that a baby is growing inside of you, that you and your loved one have created life, that soon you will be holding that little bundle in your arms and your son will have a brother or sister and soon they will be driving you crazy together. I can't wait for this little one to arrive!

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