Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ughhhhh stupid work

I hate the fact that I have to work!!!! Stay at home moms are so lucky!!!! I would much rather deal with a cranky teething baby who hasnt taken a nap all day and is fussy than deal with work. Not only do I have to deal with stupid customers telling me that their stupid coffee "tastes funny" but I have to deal with my co workers acting like idiots. Im sick the immature people I work with and me working my ass off and they sit on their ass and do nothing. Seriously, I need my job, I dont just need it to pay for weed and alcohol like they do. And I dont want to be a pain in the butt and nag but I'm honestly tired of getting blamed for crap they do. Or, dont do.
Not only working itself sucks but just having to pump at work! I wish I worked somewhere where I had an office or somewhere I could pump, not the bathroom! I hate how customers stand outside and bang on the door and when they see me come out they complain about how long I took and how I have no right. EXCUSE ME?!? But whatever, I guess. I dont care because I am going to keep pumping to provide for my child, aaahhh the sacrifices but he's worth it

I'm just rambling today. Tough day, needed to get this off my chest. Now off to bed, my eyes are literaly drooping.

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