Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The cuddly little chub is ONE!

Let's just pretend this post happened sometime right after Damian turned on August 7th.

One year has flown by already and our cuddly little chub is already one. It's insane how fast this year passed, and crazy to even think that there was a time that Damian wasn't a part of our family. I never felt like something was missing but once he joined our family it just became 1000 times better.
To see how much he has grown and changed is truly breathtaking. I know I already experienced this since I'm not a first time parent but it's still incredible that at one point that little baby was once in my belly and now he's a little tornado full of energy and smiles.

Damian- You are such a joy and amazing boy. You are such a silly cuddly little boy and an amazing little brother. You have stolen all of our hearts in the short time that you've been with us. The sleepless nights and your dramatic tantrums are so worth having you as my son. I absolutely adore you and love that you are such a momma's boy and are my little mini me. I can't wait to see you grow up and seeing what adventures lie ahead.

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