Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Deep in the 100 Acre Woods where little Damian plays

The day of Damian's birthday we celebrated our little Pooh bear with a small dinner and dessert celebration. Both Grandmas, grandpa, aunts and great grandma along with a few cousin's joined us for a 100 acre wood inspired meal since Pooh is Damian's favorite character and he is our cubby little tubby all stuffed with fluff. I checked Pinterest for ideas and things that really stuck out for me was cute little bee cupcakes, "hunny pot" smash cake, tigger tails and a few other things. I had made cute labels for the food on photoshop but I was so busy cooking and cleaning and setting everything up that I forgot to print them, mommy fail! Also, this was my first cake pop attempt and I was really hating it all. Seriously, major props to those that can make beautiful looking cake pops! You all make it look so effortless!
Hunny pot & Bee cake pops with some Tigger tails
 I saw these when we went to Disneyland this past June and I was already planning on having a little Pooh party for Damian so I figured I could copy the idea. I used cookie pop sticks that I bought from Micheals and some marshmallows and dipped them in orange candy melts. The color was really pale and to be honest, the pops looked sort of phallic so I covered them with orange sugar and then drizzled some black candy melts.

The cupcakes were just a chocolate cake with some of my favorite cupcake frosting  from the ladies of Our Best Bites. I think I could eat a whole batch of that frosting by itself, the best part is that it uses regular granulated sugar and some flour and milk! Super easy and sooooo amazing. Anyway, I colored the frosting yellow and then used a jumbo round tip to make the swirls and added some sugar honey bees I got off Etsy. The cupcake liners were a red gingham pattern.
 This is where the food labels would've been cute but, like I said, I was lacking sleep and stressed out trying to make everything nice and perfect. It is what it is. I put out a try of "Veggies from Rabbit's Garden" with some dip. We also had "Hunny baked ham" which was delicious and the birthday boy loved. Also, I could not find ham anywhere! Luckily, the super nice butcher at Safeway found one for me and I almost cried tears of joy. Like I said, I was stressed out. I also made a "Tigger's bouncy pasta salad", and some mashed potatoes and rolls. I had pink lemonade "Piglets Pink Lemonade" for anyone who didn't want soda and put the utensils and napkins in a painted terracotta pot that we had from Gabriel's first birthday party and just added the words "Hunny" to it.

 Daddy and the birthday boy. He of course had to wear his Pooh outfit without the hat since we lost it at Disneyland.

 He realized there was cake next to him so he did what anyone would do....

 Little Pooh bear with his smash cake while we sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Damian's cake was a white cake with blueberries (his favorite fruit) and buttercream frosting. The good thing was that the cake didn't have to be perfect since the honey was supposed to look like it was spilling out. I added two of those sugar honey bees that I put on the cupcakes and the pooh candle I got off Amazon.

 This pretty much summed up the cake smash, looks like he ate a smurf.
The remains of his cake...Poor cake never stood a chance!

 There wasn't really a choice but to give him a quick bath and a wardrobe change before he opened a few presents

Overall, the celebration was a success. Nothing too big or too fancy since we were having a bigger party for both boys later on that month but something to celebrate the actual day of his birth. He had a blast and loved having everyone over at our little home. And while it was tiring and stressful to throw something together, it was super fun.


  1. You did a seriously amazing job on all of the parties you put together!! Im amazed by your talents.

    1. Thanks girl! I love party planning even though by the end I get some grey hairs LOL!