Thursday, September 30, 2010

Further proof he's growing up.

I still remember the excitement of setting up the crib for Gabriel when I was pregnant. From picking out his bedding and actually assembling the crib

and then putting him in there for the first time when we came home from the hospital after he was born.

Then there was the times he started standing at his crib, and sleeping through the night.

And then...he started climbing out. And one day he climbed out and fell on his arm, which lead to a visit to the ER. We thought he broke his arm, long story. But it was fine, except we knew that it was time to get rid of the crib and go for a big boy bed. After looking for a bed, we decided to get the Step2 Stock Car convertible bed. It's a toddler bed that converts to a twin size and we figured he would like that it was a car (his room already had the car theme going on) and we thought it would be an easier transition for him. My in-laws basically wanted to that to be his 2nd birthday present from them so we went ahead and ordered it. It finally came in on Saturday and Gabriel was so excited when he saw it. He loves his bed, and surprisingly it only took him 45 minutes to get to bed. I thought it would take longer because he would be getting out and playing but he was fine.

Naptime has been a little harder though. Today was the first day that he actually napped since he's had his bed and I hope that he does stop his no-nap strike soon. Still, I love going into his room at night and seeing him sleeping in his big boy bed. I guess it's just further proof my little baby boy isn't a baby anymore.

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